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Life insurance and Mortgage Bond Cover

It is a very good idea to get life insurance cover. One never knows, tomorrow you are in a accident, and that debt has to go somewhere, your family and loved ones can lose the house. At least if you have life cover, which is enough to cover the bond and a bit more, then the people you leave behind won't have to pay debt, and you leave a place for them to stay after you gone.

Most lenders require bond holders to have life insurance in case something happens and the bond cannot be paid.

While you are here, why not receive an obligational free life insurance quote to speed up the loan process. Fill in your details below for a life quote.

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Publishing Date: 19 Jan 2021  


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Common Duties Of Bond Originators

Assessing the market to find a mortgage bond product that fits the clients needs at the lowest possible interest rate. Applying for a lenders agreement in principle (pre-approval). Gathering all needed documents (payslips, bank statements, etc.). Completing a lender application form. Explaining the legal disclosures. Submitting all material to the multiple lenders.

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Date: Tuesday 19 January 2021

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